Calista Skin Care Products

Since our philosophy at Calista is to offer the best products and services at the most reasonable price we don’t believe in selling outrageously priced products. As a result, we are proud to sell products manufactured right here in Fort Worth, TX by CBI laboratories. CBI is one the leading contract manufactures in our industry and they manufacture products for some of the leading skin care companies. Since we purchase products directly from the manufacturer without the huge markup of a sales and marketing company we can offer extraordinary products at extremely affordable prices. Remember, you appreciate our services at great prices don’t be fooled into thinking high priced skin care products are better.

Skin Care for Aging, Sensitive or Damaged Skin

Amino-Lift™ Peptide Complex pH 5.0 $40

  • Intensive treatment for all skin types, especially mature or environmentally stressed skin
  • Natural fragrance
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Contains ingredients known to reduce inflammation
  • Helps to firm skin
  • Improves skin hydration
  • Helps strengthen skin at a cellular level and stimulates cell turnover
  • Brightens skin
  • Smooths skin texture
  • Intensive blend of essential oils
  • Contains skin calming ingredients
  • Helps protect from free-radical damage

The ultimate wrinkle-minimizing complex with the latest scientific discoveries for smoother, firmer, healthier looking skin. A unique combination of four advanced amino acids and plant-derived neuropeptides help to minimize the look of facial expression lines and wrinkles, especially crow’s feet, forehead lines and lines around the mouth. The addition of oat kernel extract provides an immediate improvement in the appearance of skin and its firmness, while the other peptides work to produce long-term visible wrinkle reduction.

Botanical Bio-Peptide Concentrate pH 6.0 $30

  • All skin types, especially for aging, environmentally damaged and wrinkled skin
  • Contains 6 potent botanical extracts
  • Skin balancing
  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles
  • Strong humectant
  • Tones
  • Promotes cell regeneration
  • Natural astringent properties

A triple-action concentrate of non-irritating emollient ingredients and high-tech botanicals work together to produce both an immediate moisturizing and long-term benefits. Clinical testing shows a 68% reduction of deep surface wrinkles over a two-month period.

Collagen-Elastin: 14:1 Crème pH 5.0 $30

  • Dry, mature
  • Deep penetrating
  • High moisture binding properties
  • Acts as a protective barrier for the skin
  • Rich in protein
  • Tones, tightens and firms

Formulated with the same ratio of collagen and elastin present in human skin tissue, this luxurious cream smoothes fine lines and conditions dry skin.

Skin Care for Aging, Sensitive or Damaged Skin

Cellular Resilience Complex - Paraben-free $30

  • All skin types: Especially oily, sensitive or problematic skin types
  • Rebuilds thinning skin from the inside out
  • Improves skin texture and tone
  • Mattifiers keeps oily and combination skin in check
  • Improves look of fine fines and wrinkles
  • Balances sensitive and problematic skin
  • Leaves skin deeply hydrated

This multi-benefit, anti-aging complex is specifically formulated for stressed, oily, combination skin types. The latest cutting edge stem-cell ingredient derived from Oranges, helps to restores the extracellular process and skin microrelief, while a cell-communicating peptide acts on emerging wrinkles and fine lines to minimize their appearance. A synergistic combination of bisabolol and ginger root balance and calm sensitive, problematic skin. Beet root extract promotes hydration levels within the skin, while soothing botanicals provide additional restorative moisture. The addition of encapsulated microspheres offer sebum absorption and control, while scattering light to diminish the look of fine lines, leaving a soft-focus, matte finish on the skin.

Daily O2 Optimizing Crème pH 6.0 $20

  • Sensitive, devitalized, dry
  • Improves cell respiration
  • Provides healthy-looking complexion
  • Rich in vitamins and antioxidants
  • Promotes cell regeneration
  • Water-binding properties

A super-hydrating, firming and ultra-silky moisturizer which is great for sensitive skin that needs a boost. This formula contains Revitalin BT™, an oxygen accelerator that heightens cell respiration, promoting healthy, glowing skin.

Glycolic Cleanser pH 4.25 $20

  • Can be used on most skin types
  • Deep cleansing
  • Exfoliating
  • Brightening and clarifying
  • Balanced with soothing and calming natural extracts

This oil-free cleanser provides the skin with gentle exfoliation. Green tea and licorice extracts condition and tone.

Glycolic Face Crème pH 3.5 $30

  • All skin types
  • Exfoliating moisture
  • Skin brightening and clarifying
  • Soothing
  • Provides protection against free radicals
  • Rich in phenols
  • Skin balancing

A rich, moisturizing cream with 8% glycolic acid provides substantial exfoliation. Grapeseed, licorice, and vitamin E calm the skin and provide antioxidant benefits, while vitamin A promotes healthy skin cells.

Lightening Perfection Crème pH 4.5 $30

  • An ideal skin lightener for hyperpigmentation, sun spots and melisma
  • High depigmentation
  • Balances skin tone
  • High antioxidant properties
  • Increases cell regeneration
  • Brightens complexion
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin

An advanced lightening skin cream containing maximum strength hydroquinone to gently fade skin discolorations along with a unique combination of plant extracts (scutellaria, white mulberry, saxifrage, and grape) with very high de-pigmentation effectiveness that acts in synergy to block the formation of melanin.

Skin Care for Eyes & Lips

Eyebright Anti-Puffiness Gelée pH 7.0 $20

  • All skin types
  • Reduces under eye puffiness
  • Helps to nourish and revitalize
  • Moisture calibrating and binding
  • Lifts and firms
  • Helps to eliminate toxins
  • Improves elasticity
  • Rich in antioxidants

Formulated to reduce the visible signs of aging around the eyes, this super-cooling and smoothing peptide-packed gel helps revitalize the delicate under-eye area. A unique blend of sea lettuce extract, locust bean and evening primrose extract instantly makes the under-eye area feel tighter and look firmer, while diminishing the appearance of under-eye bags and puffiness.

Eyelighten Perfection Cream pH 4.5 $20

  • An ideal skin lightener for the appearance of dark circles
  • Soothes delicate skin & reduces puffiness
  • Plumps fine lines
  • Three peptides work to restore a more youthful appearance
  • Improves firmness and elasticity

Lip Treatment $10

  • All skin types
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Augment lip volume
  • Hydrates
  • Protects
  • Smooths
  • Firms
  • Deep penetrating

Indulge your lips! This revolutionary plumping lip treatment moisturizes and enhances lip contours. Specially formulated with oligopeptides, natural avocado oil and a powerful vitamin blend.

Skin Care for Acne Prone and Oily Skin

Clear Skin Formula by VitaMedica $30

  • Vitamin A and natural, mixed carotenoid blend reduce sebum production
  • Zinc supports skin health
  • Chromium improves glucose tolerance
  • Bromelain has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Burdock, Oregon grape, dandelion and yellow dock cleanse & detoxify
  • Hyaluronic acid maintains water balance in the skin

The Best Vitamins to Take for Acne-Prone Skin Clear Skin Formula provides a natural alternative to acne medications which can have potent activity but may have significant side-effects. Kit contains 30 packets.

Blemish Fix pH 3.0 $15

  • Blemished
  • Natural antimicrobial properties
  • Deep cleansing and exfoliating
  • Contains ingredients known to reduce inflammation
  • Promotes soothing and healing of the skin

While witch hazel gently tones and camphor conditions, the salicylic acid contained in the formulation deeply cleans and helps spot treat blemished skin.

Calendula Crème pH 6.0 $25

  • Oily, problematic, acneic
  • High regenerative properties without irritation
  • Contains ingredients known to reduce inflammation
  • Calming and soothing
  • Clarifies and brightens skin tone
  • Reduces bacteria
  • Balances the skin
  • Hydrating, lightweight formula

This sheer, light-bodied moisturizer delicately imparts emolliency to the skin, shielding it from moisture loss and the effects of environmental stress. Mild mannered, skin-friendly calendula offers herbal conditioning to the oil-free formula whose esters are safeguarded by the vitamins A, C and E. A gentle cream for oily and problematic skin.

Deep Purifying Cleanser pH 5.5 $20

  • Natural anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties
  • Rich in antioxidants preventing oxidative stress
  • Proven to have positive effects in fighting acne
  • Soothing and hydrating
  • Natural and gentle exfoliation and detoxification
  • Tones and brightens

This deep-cleansing formula washes away impurities, while AHAs help exfoliate dead skin. Extracts of cucumber and sage help soothe and moisturize oily skin; vitamins E and C aid in the fight against harsh environmental elements and their effect on the skin.

Pre & Post Treatment Skin Care

Arnica Facial Wash pH 6.5 $20

  • Highly sensitive, reactive post microdermabrasion,
  • post-surgical
  • Extremely calming and soothing
  • Contains ingredients known to reduce inflammation
  • Non-irritating
  • Excellent humectant and water binding properties
  • Softens the skin

This mild, non-abrasive, low foaming facial wash easily removes makeup and other residue, which can add to the skin’s sensitivity. Arnica and aloe extracts are skin-friendly, offering superior emolliency for the complexion that cannot tolerate normal cleansing.

Arnica Montana Blister Pack by VitaMedica $12.50

Reduce Bruising from Fillers & Injections

  • Homeopathic Arnica Montana 30X potency
  • All natural medication stimulates healing
  • Sublingual tablets dissolve rapidly
  • Ideal after injectables & fillers (e.g., Radiesse®, Restylane®, Juvederm®).
  • Convenient 5-day blister pack
  • Excludes dyes or colorants

Packaged in a convenient blister pack, Arnica Montana is perfect for busy, active lifestyles. Homeopathic Arnica montana has been used for centuries to treat bruising, swelling and pain associated with soft tissue injury.

Arnica+K Cream by VitaMedica $22

Restore Healthy-Looking Skin

  • Ideal following cosmetic filler injections and after facial surgical procedures
  • Arnica Montana has been traditionally used for bruising
  • Vitamin K hastens the resolution of bruising
  • Phytosome® plant sterols reduce vascular permeability and swelling
  • Chamomile cools, soothes and refreshes
  • Natural grapefruit oil imparts faint, fresh citrus scent
  • Silicone base has an elegant, silky feel

Formulated with natural ingredients including Arnica montana, vitamin K, vitamin C and botanicals to improve the appearance of post-procedural bruising. Arnica+K Cream softens, calms, moisturizes and restores bruised skin. Tube contains 0.5 oz.

Pre & Post Treatment Skin Care

Hydra Gel pH 5.5 $30

  • All skin types
  • Extreme moisture binding properties
  • Promotes healing
  • Calms and soothes
  • Highly regenerative
  • Nourishing
  • Non-irritating
  • Can be used in place of a moisturizer for oily skin

A light, oil-free gel format that is highly soothing, containing sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), willow herb (soothing), panthenol (provitamin B5) and oat extract (known for its regenerative properties). For all skin types needing an extra boost of moisture.

Sun Protection Skin Care Protections

Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 pH 5.0 $20

  • Most skin types
  • Available in 3 shades
  • Helps protect from free-radical damage and environmental stressors
  • Will not clog pores
  • Helps retain natural skin balance, tone and texture
  • Calibrates with skin’s innate hydration System
  • Binds moisture to skin

Sheer tinted coverage provides even, natural skin tone while hydrating the skin. The oil free crème leave a smooth, matte finish and SPF 20 to protect against UV rays. The paraben free, weightless formula is suitable for most skin types.

Advanced Protection Sunscreen SPF 30 pH 5.5 $20

  • All skin types
  • Full spectrum sun protection
  • Helps promote healthy-looking complexion
  • Contains skin nourishers
  • Helps to reduce oil production

This advanced protection sunscreen will moisturize the skin with rich emollients, nourish with vitamins A, C and E and protect against the sun’s harmful rays. The combination of organic octinoxate and oxybenzone provides powerful protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

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