Get Radiant Skin With Laser Skin Resurfacing

When winter arrives, your skin becomes dull and dry. Age, over-exposure to the sun, and pollutants all combine to rob women of their natural skin radiance and suppleness. Even the best beauty products, keeping your body hydrated or following a healthy diet doesn’t seem to make a difference. It may be time to properly assess how your skin has changed and seek professional skin treatments from your local skincare center. If your face is showing fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, scars or discolorations, you don’t have to reach out for expensive antioxidant serum, lotion, cream and masks on the shelf that just don’t seem to do much for your skin. For real results, you need to give sublative resurfacing a try. Rediscover the beauty of your natural and healthy skin that is hidden under the damaged outer layer of your skin with a skin resurfacing treatment.

Sublative resurfacing helps break down the unwanted or dead skin cells to remove the damaged layer. And all of this, without the use of any knife or needle.  You can uncover the supple and radiant skin underneath with eMatrix Laser Resurfacing treatment.

Skin Changes in Women

Most women are well aware of ‘bad skin days.’ Hormones are known to have a lasting effect on hair, skin, and nails. The glow in our skin comes from the hormone estrogen, which increases collagen production in the skin to keep things firm and smooth. But when estrogen declines with age and approach of menopause, you lose the natural radiance. Your skin needs a little help to smooth out, get firmer, and glow on. Women in their twenties have acne scars from face breakouts due to active oil production. Adopt a healthy lifestyle, avoid smoking and drinking too much and always wear sunscreen to keep your youthful skin for longer. Women in their thirties are faced with fine creases, enlarged pores, dark circles under the eyes and skin dullness due to slowdown of collagen production.  And in the forties and fifties women have drier, lax skin with occasional breakouts from hormonal imbalance due to low lipid and estrogen levels.  But the war isn’t lost because it is never too late to take care of your skin. Besides following a healthy lifestyle, you can get topical treatments by visiting your nearest skin clinic to reclaim your glowing skin this winter.

eMatrix Sublative Rejuvenation in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

The FDA approved cosmetic technology known as ‘Sublative Rejuvenation’ works from the inside out to encourage collagen production on all skin tones. Sublative Rejuvenation with eMatrix delivers energy beams below the skin using bi-polar radio frequency, for controlled non-ablative fractional treatment of wrinkles, skin creases, fine lines, scars and enlarged pores. Targeted areas of matrix spots get treated with pulses of radio frequency energy, without overheating the top layer of the skin, to induce a skin injury.  This works on the fibroblasts for maximized signal collagen regeneration. With sublative skin rejuvenation treatment, you can get improved skin tone, and it can even remodel the texture of your skin as the surrounding tissue hastens the healing process naturally. It can treat sagging skin, and activate new collagen without relying on temporary substance fillers or aggressive treatments like chemical peels.

Will Sublative Rejuvenation Work For Me?

Sublative rejuvenation is suitable for all skin types. It causes minimal damage to the surface layer of the skin. For best results, you will need about three to five subsequent treatments. And the results will last over three to six months following the last treatment. Sublative rejuvenation may not be recommended for patients with pacemakers, internal defibrillators, or metal implants in the area to be treated. Pregnant women should avoid this treatment.

Risks from Sublative Resurfacing/eMatrix

The procedure causes minimal discomfort but it may feel uncomfortable to some. Topical anesthetic will be used on the skin prior to the treatment to ease any discomfort.

Your skin may show some side effects post-procedure, such as redness and swelling but that only lasts for hours to a couple of days.

There may be tiny crusts that form and are present for between five to fourteen days before disappearing, but they can be easily camouflaged with makeup.

In extremely rare cases, there may be scarring or infection.

Theoretically there may be darkening or lightening of the skin from eMatrix, but realistically speaking this is highly uncommon.

There are other skin treatments available to deal with wrinkles and scars including chemical peels, microdermabrasion, Derma fillers, BOTOX, Fraxel, CO2 fractional resurfacing (CO2RE) and topical therapies. Schedule an appointment with Calista Skin and Laser Center for a series of eMatrix Sublative RF Fractional Resurfacing treatments at reasonable prices. Walk away with wrinkle reduction and glowing skin this winter!