Vampire O & P Shot for Sexual Rejuvenation

Getting older can take its toll on your face, body and mind. Luckily there are treatments available now to slow down the aging process so that you look and feel younger for longer.  The female and the male body go through a lot of changes through life. So it is but expected that there will be some reduction in genital sensation with age but instead of seeing it as an abnormality, people can now seek help. Hundreds of Americans are looking into a breakthrough PRP procedure that promises to rejuvenate, and enhance your sex drive and performance. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy involves collecting and injecting the patient’s own blood into his or her genitals.  In today’s blog, we’ll be going over the details of “Vampire O-shot” and its male equivalent, the “Vampire P-shot.”

PRP treatment has been in use for a while to treat osteoarthritis and tendon injuries. The “growth factors” in plasma are known to encourage blood flow and promote tissue growth. But now it is also being used to boost sexual health. The Vampire O and P shots were designed by United States-based Dr. Charles Renels, who also came up with the “Vampire facial” much publicized by Kim Kardashian. The time taken for both procedures is about 30-40 minutes. Since a numbing cream is applied before the shots, patients can expect to feel little or no discomfort at all due to numbing of the clitoris and upper vagina for O Shot, penis for P Shot. It works to improve sex drive, performance, and orgasm frequency and intensity. Studies show that it can potentially cure urinary incontinence in women and erectile dysfunction in men.


(Orgasmn Shot®)

The Orgasm Shot® (O-Shot®) a non-pharmaceutical way to rejuvenate the vagina to help relieve stress related urinary incontinence, Lichen Sclerosus and improve a woman’s sex drive. The O Shot uses platelet-derived growth factors in the plasma to stimulate tissue growth and collagen re-growth in and around the clitoris and upper vagina. Patients report increased sensation around the vaginal area and increased tightness of vaginal skin.  It doesn’t matter whether you are on or off hormone replacement therapy. All women can benefit greatly from the O Shot procedure if you want stronger and more frequent orgasms, tighter vagina, and increased sexual desire. An estimated 20% of younger women, 30% of middle-aged women, and 50% of older women experience urinary incontinence and other symptoms. The O-Shot is an all natural way of alleviating symptoms of stress incontinence, without prescription drugs or surgical procedures.


® (Priapus Shot®)

The same innovative PRP procedure is used to help rejuvenate and enlarge the penis, where PRP is injected directly into the corpus cavernosum and the head of the penis with a small needle, after administering local anesthetic, The procedure involves the application of a numbing lidocaine cream to the penis and then blood is drawn from the arm, which is then put into a centrifuge to separate the plasma. Then a few drops of calcium chloride solution are added to the platelets to trick it into releasing growth factors into the liquid. This liquid is then transferred into a syringe and injected into the penis with a tiny needle. This is particularly helpful for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction due to an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, drug side effects, after-effects of surgery and other conditions.  It increases blood circulation within the penis resulting in a healthier organ. P-shot can enhance erections, sensitivity and increase penis size. But remember that the P-Shot does not work on smokers.  Please visit to get help quitting.

Defy Your Age And Enhance Your Sex Drive

Whether you are looking to spice up the action in your bedroom or just to fight medical issues with sexual performance, Calista Skin And Laser Center can help you feel your best with different non-surgical PRP procedures. Please feel free to call 817-203-4925 today to schedule a free consultation! Check out our videos to know more.

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