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Spider Veins | Facial Veins

Most women can live with their spider veins until its short or swimsuit season. Spider veins are a cosmetic concern only and are easily removed with laser treatment.

How does an Nd:YAG laser work?

To treat veins, the vessels must be constricted. A 1064 nm wavelength Nd:YAG laser sends energy into the blood and vessel walls, where it is absorbed by the hemoglobin of the blood. These red blood cells are heated, causing micro-clotting essentially cauterizing the blood vessel from the inside-out and heating of the vessel wall leads to complete or partial collapse. The ideal immediate response to treatment with vascular laser is the coagulation of the vessel with no other apparent effect. This effect can be observed in the form of bluish or greyish discoloration visible on the skin surface. In leg veins, blanching or disappearance of the vessel occurs. The blood vessel then is absorbed by the body over a 4-6 week period.

What can I expect during treatment?

No anesthesia is required but there is some discomfort. Candela lasers employ the patented Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) which is unique to Candela lasers. The DCD is in place to cool and protect the outer layers of skin against thermal injury as well as make treatments much more comfortable. With its unique cooling device in addition to all its other features, Candela laser are the safest and most effective lasers used today. Each treatment lasts only 15 minutes and often 3-4 treatments are required for complete removal.

What preparations must I take?

There are no major preparations required before the laser treatment. A few common sense recommendations include avoiding sun exposure for 2 weeks prior and no self or spray tanners. On the day of the treatment one should avoid all creams, lotions and moisturizers on the area that is going to be treated. Wear or bring along comfortable clothing and/or shorts to allow easy access to the body part.

How much does it cost?

We offer the most up-to-date laser technology at the most affordable prices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Any budget can afford great skin care at Calista.

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