Laser Tattoo Removal w/ Candela Alex TriVantage Laser

Sam & Laura are top notch technicians and the overall service at Calista is second to none. If you’re looking for tattoo or hair removal in the DFW area, there is nowhere better.
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Laser Tattoo Removal w/ Candela Alex TriVantage Laser

Who Says You Can’t Erase the Past?

What seemed like a great idea yesterday might become today’s biggest regret. While you once really rocked the body art, you’ve decided you’d like a little less ink on your skin. Most of the tattoos that we remove are to be less desirable artwork in the wrong places, such as hands, neck or the face. We understand and that’s why we use the Candela Alex TriVantage Laser which is the most powerful Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser on the market today.

Treatment Advantages

The Alex TriVantage has superior ability to treat greens, blues, reds and black inks. The new laser technology makes it possible to deliver remarkable performance that eliminates tattoos on all skin types and colors. With the Alex TriVantage, we offer fast and effective laser tattoo removal in the Dallas-Fort Worth area along with pigmented lesions such as freckles, age spots, lentigines, Nevus of Ota and Café-au-Lait.

How many Treatments will I need?

Most people see significant improvement after 10-12 treatments. However every tattoo is different and it usually depends on the size, density of the ink and what colors are present. The total number of treatments is impossible to predict however, our trained professionals can usually give you a good estimate during a complimentary consultation.

Is it painful and is there down time?

The procedure involves some discomfort; while redness usually occurs after the treatment it usually lasts only a few days.

How much does it cost?

We offer the most up-to-date laser technology at the most affordable prices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Any budget can afford great skin care at Calista.

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