What to Expect After Laser Hair Removal – Part 4

What to Expect After Laser Hair Removal – Part 4

What Happens After Laser Treatment

The chances are good that your skin will be slightly sensitive after our laser treatment. Slight redness is a normal side effect that will likely go away within 24-48 hours. Some hair regrowth is also to be expected. After treatment, the treated area may feel warm for a couple of hours. This is completely normal, so avoid touching the treated area for a few hours after your treatment. Some medications can effect laser hair treatment, so tell your laser technician about any medications you are taking.

The Shedding of Hair

Shedding may occur in the treated area approximately 5-14 days after the day of treatment. This is completely normal. To help these hairs come out of the follicle, lightly exfoliate the area. Doing this minimizes ingrown hairs. You can exfoliate the treatment areas with exfoliating mitts, a sponge, or a washcloth.

Applying Makeup After Laser Treatment

Since the treated hair follicles will be sensitive after the laser hair treatment, apply mineral makeup after you get laser treatment on your face. If you apply normal makeup or concealer to your face, skin breakouts could occur.

Clothes and Laser Hair Treatment

After your laser hair treatment, your hair follicles will retain heat for a period of up to 24-48 hours. Therefore you should wear loose cotton clothing immediately after the conclusion of your treatment. Following this tip is especially important if you are getting your legs treated. This is because wearing pantyhose or tight skinny jeans will cause the heat in your legs to become trapped. This will cause your legs to become irritated.

Topical Products and Laser Hair Treatment

After laser hair treatment, apply aloe vera lotion to the treated area. It is a natural product that will not cause the treated area to become irritated. When the laser treatment is done, the hair follicles remain open for a period of time . For this reason, do not apply oils, gels, creams, or lotions that can cause skin irritation. You should also avoid deodorant for 24 hours after underarm laser treatment.

Hair Removal After Laser Hair Treatment

Shaving is the only hair removal method that can be used while you are getting laser hair treatment. Electrolysis, threading, tweezing and waxing should be avoided after laser treatment because these methods disrupt your hair growth cycles and will prolong the number of sessions you will need to achieve your desired result.

Physical Activities

For 24-48 hours after laser hair treatment, you will need to avoid the gym, Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, hot showers, swimming pools and all other forms of physical exercise. After 48 hours, it will be safe to commence with all of the aforementioned activities. Make sure that you apply sunscreen before exercising outdoors.

Shaving After Laser Treatment

You may shave 4-5 days after laser hair treatment. This allows your skin to regenerate, which keeps skin irritation to a minimum.

Exfoliating After Laser Hair Treatment

Start exfoliating 4-5 days after your laser hair treatment. Use exfoliating mitts and a light scrub to apply medium to light pressure to the treated areas two to three times a week. After you finish exfoliating, hydrate the skin.


Applying sunscreen after laser hair treatment is highly recommended, especially on your face. If you expose the treated area to sun, hypopigmentation (lighter skin) or hyperpigmentation (darker skin) could occur. To minimize the risk, apply sunscreen daily. UVA and UVB rays can even come through clouds on cloudy days, so daily use of sunscreen during laser hair treatment is doubly important.

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