What to Expect During Your Laser Hair Removal Appointment – Part 3

What to Expect During Your Laser Hair Removal Appointment – Part 3

Laser treatment is a thoroughly safe method of permanently removing hair. When properly applied, it is virtually painless and extremely effective. Now that you’ve chosen a provider and been through the preliminary screening for laser hair removal, what happens next?


It’s a fact of modern life. Every procedure requires paperwork, and laser hair removal is no exception. This treatment is a medical procedure, and you must acknowledge its potential risks and side effects with your signature as proof that you understand the procedure and are giving consent.

Preparation of Your Skin

Arrive with clean shaven skin. Avoid using moisturizers, creams or lotions the day of the treatment. A test will be performed to help calibrate the laser according to your skin’s sensitivity and your level of comfort.

Treatment Begins

Once the laser is calibrated, it’s time to begin treatment. Steady pulses of light are delivered to the treatment area. Depending on what part of the body, treatment lasts from a few seconds for the down on an upper lip, to thirty minutes for the hair on your back, arms or legs. Discomfort is minimal, and the treatment is often described as a faint sensation of static electricity. That’s the laser, targeting the melanin in the hair shaft, following the shaft down to the follicle and heating it.

After the Treatment

Once the treatment is complete, a cold pack may be placed on affected areas to reduce inflammation, prevent swelling and relieve any slight discomfort. Next, a moisturizing sunscreen is applied. It’s very important that your skin remain moisturized and protected against the sun while you are healing. Twenty minutes after treatment, you may experience the feeling of sunburn. That’s because the laser has done its work, heating the follicles beneath the skin and inactivating them. If your skin is normally super-sensitive, a reddish appearing rash may appear and may last for two to three days.

Post-Op Instructions

After treatment, you will be given instructions on what to do when you get home, and during the weeks between treatments. First and foremost, you must stay out of the sun. If you must go out, be sure to apply ample sunscreen to the treatment areas. You can expect the treated hair to fall out within the first couple of weeks. There will be some regrowth of juvenile hairs that were too small to treat in the first session, and they’re the reason that several treatments are usually necessary to get the full effect. You’ll also be told what to watch out for. Complications, such as infection at the base of the treated hair can occur. It’s rare, but is easily treated with antibiotics.

Why Calista Skin & Laser Center?

Calista Skin & Laser Center uses several different lasers including elos technology, which is considered state-of-the-art for laser hair removal. Our technicians are state-certified and fully expert in every aspect of treatment. Calista’s staff is friendly, professional and eager to meet your needs, and our payment plans and financing options are sure to fit your budget. Call us and we’ll arrange a consultation. Soon you’ll be tossing those razors, tweezers and shaving gels for good!


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