Understanding Laser Hair Removal Treatment – Part 1

Understanding Laser Hair Removal Treatment – Part 1

Laser treatment is the choice of countless men and women seeking the removal from their bodies of unwanted hair. Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Calista Skin and Laser Center offers laser hair removal that is safe, effective and affordable.

Lasers and Their Use in Hair Removal

Laser stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Already having many industrial applications, lasers were first used for removing hair in the 1990s. Laser hair treatment has since become one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the U.S.
When used for this purpose, the highly concentrated beam of light produced by the laser is directed into the follicle from which the hair grows. The melanin, which is the pigment that produces color in hair and skin, then absorbs the light, causing irreparable damage to the follicle. Eventually, the follicle is unable to generate hair, which disappears in the area that was treated.

Laser treatment can be used to remove hair from many areas on the body, from the chin and upper lip to the back, legs and bikini area. The only shortcoming to the treatment is that it is less effective for the removal of hair that is blond, gray or white, colors that lack sufficient levels of melanin to properly absorb the light beam.

What to Expect in a Laser Procedure

Patients will be asked to refrain from removing hair in the affected area for at least six weeks before the procedure is scheduled. This is because plucking or waxing will temporarily remove the hair roots that are intended for destruction. Patients will also be advised to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight before the procedure and, on the day it is scheduled, to wear loose clothing.

Preparation for the procedure will consist of the trimming of the hair slated for removal and the coating of the skin with a gel or some related agent. This material will both protect the skin and improve the efficiency of the laser. Smaller patches of hair, such as those on the face, can be removed in a matter of minutes. The treatment of larger areas, such as the legs, can usually be accomplished in about one hour.

After the procedure the area treated will resemble the effects of mild sunburn, but blistering is rare. The next session can usually be scheduled in six weeks, with treatment continuing until the hair has disappeared. Many patients report the vast majority of the unwanted hair is gone after four to six treatment sessions.

Considering Laser Hair Removal

Laser treatment offers greater speed and precision than other forms of hair removal. It is so precise that it will not damage the surrounding skin, as can other forms of hair removal. Additionally, the effects of the other methods are not permanent. However, there are certain things one should consider before undergoing laser treatment.
Prospective patients should evaluate the background and experience of the person who will perform the procedure, and the appearance and reputation of the facility offering the treatment. They should also learn as much about the procedure as they can, never making its cost their top priority.

Calista Skin and Laser Center employs the latest laser technology that will gently and effectively remove unwanted hair and leave patients with skin that is smooth and beautiful. The technique used by Calista is compatible with wide varieties of hair color and skin tone, making possible the safe removal of hair from those with dark complexions. Anyone considering laser hair removal should call (817) 203-4925 or visit the website www.calistalaser.com.


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