Interesting Facts About Botox Treatments

Interesting Facts About Botox Treatments

Increasingly, Botox has become the face of cosmetic surgery, even though the treatment requires no invasive surgery at all. Movie stars, rich socialites, and then women were the first to make sure Botox was a part of their cosmetic maintenance plan, but Botox has expanded in the years since its introduction. Today, people of all walks of life treat themselves to the benefits of Botox. Want to know what you’re missing? Here are some interesting facts about Botox cosmetic treatments.

Botox and the Medical Benefits
Botox is now known as the injection that reduces wrinkles, but it wasn’t always that way. The solution has been used in medical applications since the late 1970s. Among its many applications, Botox has been used to correct eye muscle dysfunction, treat chronic migraines, reduce muscle spasms, and more. Today its primary usage comes in the arena of cosmetic improvement, but scientists and doctors continue to use the injections to treat everything from excessive sweating to the movement disorders associated with Parkinson’s.

Widespread Success
Few cosmetic treatments have the history of success and popularity Botox boasts. By 2005, Allergen was selling almost $900 million worth of the injections per year. That number has only grown since then as people around the world realize that Botox is the closest thing to a fountain of youth currently on the market. Combine Botox’s effectiveness with the relative safety of the treatments and you have a recipe for success.

Botox Is Not Painful
Doctors struggle when a patient asks if a procedure is painful. When you’re under anesthesia, after all, nothing hurts. Also, some people have a much higher threshold for pain than others. One man’s pinprick is another man’s agony. That said, most patients report very little discomfort from Botox treatments. The process itself is brief, often completed in under 10 minutes. Some doctors choose to use anesthetic cream to ease their patient’s discomfort, but even this is unnecessary in many cases.

Botox Will Not Hamper Your Expression
Many first-time patients worry that Botox is going to give them a frozen face, unable to make expressions or look like a normal human being. If this is what’s keeping you out of your cosmetic surgeon’s office, you can relax. Botox does work by creating a certain amount of muscular paralysis, but not to the point where you can’t express joy or frown as the occasion demands. It will not give you the plastic-doll face you’ve seen in people whose cosmetic work has gone overboard. Best of all, however, the effects of Botox are only temporary. If you don’t get another treatment, your face will go back to the way it was within six months or so. At that time, you can choose whether or not to get subsequent treatments.



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