Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Calista Skin and Laser Center is a Dallas/Fort Worth medical aesthetic business focused on helping you achieve your goal of beautiful, younger looking skin. Laser Skin Rejuvenation is one of the most preferred procedures and helps to eliminate red spots, age spots, spider veins and rosacea. The adverse effects of sunlight are virtually turned back in time, providing a fresh, rejuvenated glow, inevitably resulting in younger looking skin. elōs is a wonderful technology and is the only one of its’ kind, joining together different forms of energy, the result being a gentle and noticeable awakening of the skin.

The types of energy used in elōs technology are a combination of light energy and radio frequencies. Because of the safety and effectiveness of the technology, it is able to target age spots and even freckles. This is a very effective treatment for most types of skin; talk to your provider regarding your personal skin type.

It has been shown that with proper treatments, and depending upon your skin condition, a slow gradual improvement in appearance will begin and really show after only two treatments but as many as six may be required. Our professionals will tailor a treatment plan that matches your personal and financial needs accordingly, and this is done during an initial consultation, which is free of charge!

While there would normally be a minimal amount of discomfort during treatment, we use a cooling process to chill the surface of your skin, which lessens the discomfort greatly. This is an in-office, non-invasive procedure and you should be able to get right back to your regular routine after each treatment. Prices for the program vary, depending on the level of the problem, as well as skin type and other factors; all of this will be discussed with you thoroughly at your free initial consultation and program planning.

At Calista Laser, we have all of the latest state of the art technology as it applies to the anti-aging field, making it easy to customize your own individual treatment goals.

We offer a line of skin care products, as well, that is extremely effective in the areas of correcting and preventing, cleansing and toning, exfoliation, moisturizing and treating, enabling you to create a skin care regiment at home.  This will help to improve the condition of your skin between treatments and long afterward. Our professional staff is more than willing to assist you in specifying a custom home skin care regiment.

At Calista we take all forms of payment, as well as offering gift certificates. We also understand the need for clients to have a financing program available. We offer this so that all can benefit. Just go to our website: We’ll see you then!

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