Can You Benefit from Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Can You Benefit from Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Men and women approaching middle age or are recovering from a surgical procedure have reduced natural hormone production often benefit from today’s advanced bio-identical hormone therapy. Hormone replacement therapy isn’t a new idea, but safety concerns about the use of synthetic hormones arose in the last decade, and many patients opted to drop out of treatment for fear of unwanted health effects. Bio-identical hormone products such as BioTE offer a more natural alternative. Instead of being synthesized in a laboratory, bio-identical hormones are derived from plants. They’re chemically identical to the hormones produced by the human body.

How Do I Know if Bio-identical Hormones Are Right for Me?

Both men and women begin to experience a gradual decline in hormone production during their thirties. Although it’s a natural process, declining hormone levels can result in many symptoms that reduce quality of life.

  • Middle-aged men with decreasing testosterone levels may experience unusual fatigue, poor concentration, irritability, insomnia, decreased muscle mass, increased abdominal fat, loss of libido and erectile dysfunction.
  • Women’s bodies also produce testosterone; it’s needed to balance estrogen. Declining testosterone levels in women may produce emotional instability, anxiety, depression, confusion, weight gain and poor muscle tone.
  • Estrogen is important for regulating many functions in a woman’s body. Women experiencing menopause-related decreases in estrogen suffer night sweats, dizziness, weight gain, extreme fatigue, insomnia, poor memory, depression, loss of skin elasticity, changes in appetite and metabolism, bone deterioration and cognitive decline.
  • The presence of estrogen is a protective factor that helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, ovary failure, colon cancer, Parkinson’s disease and diabetes. When women have reduced estrogen levels, these diseases are more likely to occur, especially in those with a family history of these ailments.
  • Sometimes hormones become imbalanced due to other medical problems and treatments. For example, the sharp decline in estrogen that occurs after a hysterectomy can make life unpleasant for many women.

BioTE Resolves Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms

It isn’t necessary to suffer with symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Regardless of gender or age, it’s possible to correct them. To determine the need for hormone replacement, doctors perform blood tests; if results reveal a deficiency, the hormone replacement dosage is customized to meet the patient’s specific requirements. When hormone levels are corrected through bio-identical hormone replacement therapies, many seemingly unrelated and vague symptoms may lessen or disappear completely. With treatment, many people can enjoy a better quality of life and weather the aging process more gracefully.

Why Should I Choose BioTE Over Its Peers?

BioTE’s pellet delivery system is superior to other bio-identical hormone products for several reasons. They’re made from soy and wild yams, two substances that have the highest known concentrations of natural hormones and don’t produce allergic reactions. The small pellets are discreetly placed within the fatty tissue under the skin of the hip. The small incision is made during an office visit and doesn’t require stitches. Once in place, the pellets release hormones slowly over a period of several months. Their absorption rate is based on the patient’s cardiac output. With BioTE, there’s no need for messy creams, painful injections, sticky adhesive patches or daily pills. A steady stream of hormones reach the bloodstream on a continuous basis, so there are no spikes or sharp drops in hormone levels that can increase the chance of side effects and trap patients on a roller coaster of fluctuating symptoms. If side effects do occur, they’re mild and temporary, and they’re usually only present after the first dose.

Special Considerations

Patients who are currently taking other forms of hormone replacement therapy can usually make an easy transition to BioTE and should discuss details with their prescribing physicians. Survivors of breast cancer and other cancers influenced by hormone levels should discuss the risks and benefits with their oncologists or primary care physicians.

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